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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Magic: the Mathering M15 Draft day

Between a hectic schedule and one occasion of listening to the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack in the car on my way home from work and getting so emotional that I didn't want to leave the house, yesterday was my first attempt at drafting M15.

I went in knowing I'd face a fight over white and red because they seemed to have the power in the common cards that I was after.

After my research, triplicate spirits was the card I'd decided was the bomb and I was going to to try and force white because of it. M15
isn't teeming with good removal and this can realistically be played turn 4.

Raise the alarm was the other standout common. Instant speed 2 for 1. Tempo card advantage and combat trick all rolled into one.

So it begins. Pack one cracks and I find this:

 Pack 1, pick 1. Spirit Bonds. White flying creatures are relevant to my interests, this is a terrible late game draw but over the course of the draft could in theory add more value than it loses.

Pick 2 was raise the alarm. Loved that card in Mirrodin. Love it now

Pick 3 was devouring light, also known as the best damn removal in limited. 1WW instant with convoke, exile target attacking or blocking creature

Pick 4 saw me dip into red (in my opinion the second strongest colour in draft at the moment) for the red paragon. A cycle of 4 mana 2/2 creatures that give other creatures of their colour +1/+1 and have a relevant tap ability. I can pay R and tap to give another red creature I control haste.

 Pick 5 shows me an almost entirely blue, green and black pack. A meditation puzzle is the only white card, but it's terrible and the only red card is clear a path... I decided in the end to take a potentially game winning caustic tar. I couldn't rule out being forced into taking black if the rest of the table is drafting white and/or red. I think this guy is a limited bomb, even if he's 6 mana, even if he can't tap if you only have 6 lands. It has few ways to remove it and it is hard to stop. Not vulnerable to creature removal, no conditions needed to use it, just every end step of my opponent. Lose 3 life.

Pick 6 returned to me a card I was very pleased to see roll around. (We drafted in 2 pods of 6 because drafting in a pod of 12 is horrible.) A vanilla 3/2 creature in the form of Goblin Roughrider.

Pick 7 was a cheeky aura that I was surprised made it back around and made me feel better about going after red higher up. Inferno Fist.

The rest of pack one was mostly off colour choices. I'll take a playable off colour card (Zof Shade and Accured Spirit were both drafted for example) over an unplayable on colour card.

Pack 2 pick 1...

Aww yiss. Needed one for my fat aggro standard deck! I don't even care if I lose now. (Spoiler alert, it is lucky that I was feeling that way at the time)

Pick 2 from this pack yielded a Borderland Marauder. A 1R creature that is 1/2 but gets +2/+0 when attacking.

Pick 3 the aforementioned Triplicate Spirits. Feeling good about this draft I have to say. A little short on burn or other removal but I'll take it so far.

Pick 4 doesn't show me much. I take a 1/2 flying lifelink creature for 1W in the form of a Sungrace Pegasus.

Pick 5 is an Accured Spirit in case I really do have to splash black instead of red.

Pick 6 is a Soulmender. Early beats and free lifegain isn't bad I guess. Well, it's pretty bad, but it's not solely a lifegain card.

Pick 7 I snag a Thundering Giant, 4/3 haste seems good. Even if it is for 5 mana.

Pick 8 I grab Pillar of Light despite seeing absolutely zero creatures at toughness 4 or higher during the draft. Don't even know why I picked it. Printed in response to the inevitable rise of R/G monsters I guess. 

Pick 9 I got very lucky and Constricting Sliver found it's way back into my hands. This is Angelic Edict on a 3/3 body. Not perfect but I think it has uses.

The rest of the pack yielded nothing I wanted.

Pack 3 Pick 1

Clearly the fates wanted me to play white today. Especially when my second pick in this pack went to...

Pick 2 Another Devouring Light... it's not quite as good as the Dragon's maze draft where I pulled 3 Warleader's Helix spells in the first 4 picks but I was starting to think I might do alright.

Pick 3 was a nice card to get. Miner's Bane a 6 mana creature 6/3 but with the ability to pay 2R and give it +1/+0 and trample.

Pick 4 Was a Heliod's Pilgrim, a 1/2 creature that when it ETB lets me tutor an aura to my hand. Not much in the way of other good choices but if nothing else it would let me tutor up the Inferno Fist.

Pick 5 A second Inferno Fist. I love it when a plan comes together.

Pick 6 reminded me that I had picked very few, if any combat tricks. (You can argue Devouring Light is a combat trick technically) The right combat trick in limited is the same as a removal spell and I think they're underrated. Regardless, I took the Sanctified Charge. Even if it is over priced by 1 or 2.

Pick 7 Razorfoot Griffin won me many a game in 7th edition and it makes me really happy to see they kept the same flavour text, because it's quite witty.

Pick 8 was rubbish I wasn't going to use

Pick 9 was another Roughrider. Hoo-rah!

The rest was tat.

So my first match I won 2-0 in about 10 seconds as I danced up the curve both times, game two being the most brutal, as he was flooded with mind sculpts grindclock and tomorod's crypts (1 opening hand and the first two draws)

T1: Soulmender
T2: Borderland Marauder (Opponent on 19)
T3: Inferno Fist (Opponent on 13)
T4: Ajani  (Opponent on 6 Me on 26)
T5: Thundering Giant for the win. 

My opponent actually resolved a Nissa on game 1, but it was a bit too slow to help.

Second match was a mirror match, again it was Ajani that squeaked me through to win 2-1 making my razorfoot griffin vigilant and lifelinking. Lifelink is super difficult to deal with in limited.

Match three I don't want to talk about. But I have to because it's important not to forget stuff like this.

Against a well put together red/black list. To start out I had to mulligan to five (still only with one land) which lost me a long game one. I managed to scrape out game two thanks to Ajani and then in game three made the stupidest misplay I've made in a while, leaving myself defenseless in a suicide attack when my opponent had lethal damage on the board.

I was hoping to attack with my team of 1/1 white weenies and trick my opponent into thinking I was trying to sneak in extra damage at the expense of creatures. Then when he blocked I would ambush him with sanctified charge, the result of which would have been a one sided board wipe. (He had flyers and I couldn't execute this maneuver on the defensive.) Instead when he declared no blockers and I realized I was an idiot I conceded on the spot.

Match four was worse.

Game 1, no white lands.

Game 2, no red lands, mulligan to 6, no red lands. (still managed to win this one though)


Welp, sometimes it doesn't matter how often you shuffle, Fukuov, God of the Trolls doesn't listen to your prayers. People never complain when their opponent gets mana screwed so you just have to accept that part of the game is the inherently ambiguous nature of the randomized card drawing and deal with it. 

So not complaining.

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